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Building on the success of Houston Startup Week in 2016, Houston's startup community reunites to bring you THIS: The Houston Innovation Summit. Hosted at Station Houston October 21-29, 2017, THIS invites you to join Houston's most creative and enterprising minds for a week of discovery, recovery, creativity and collaborative problem-solving. Participate in daily events designed to spark curiosity, stimulate ideas and ignite the problem-solving potential of Houston's innovation ecosystem.

  • Oct 21-22: Tubman Hackathon: Building AI for Justice
  • Oct 23: Civic & Community
  • Oct 24: Energy & Health
  • Oct 25: Diversity & Inclusion
  • Oct 26: Creatives & Coders
  • Oct 27: State of Houston Innovation
  • Oct 28: TEDxHouston

How do we turn Houston's challenges into opportunities for bold new ideas and innovation?

Disasters can magnify and amplify problems that already exist, like segregation, poverty, social inequalities, etc. Harvey was an equal-opportunity destroyer, turning the issues of the marginalized into the issues of the mainstream. But it also brought Houstonians together to help one another -- that is our silver lining and hope: #HoustonStrong has emerged as a rallying call for the entire city as neighbors work together to help neighbors rebuild.

THIS is not a passive event -- your participation matters. Most discussions will be interactive, without a formal stage. Most activities will involve live engagement in the creative process. The agenda is geared toward meaningful relationship-building, practical implementation, real-time problem-solving, and design-based modeling. You will learn, bond, build, and create together with your peers. You will experience a unique environment that is designed for you to learn about ecosystems while creating one in real life.















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